Channi Coffee - The Easiest And Beginner Friendly Way To Enjoy A Cup Of Coffee

Nov 25, 2022

The beauty of channi coffee lies in its simplicity: it’s a method that anybody can use easily to create a delicious cup of frothing, hot coffee. A "Channi" in Hindi stands for a strainer, the same one you use for a kadak cup of chai. 

The channi method of making coffee is quick and simple, and you can enjoy your brew in under 5 minutes, right in the comfort of your home! However, one needs to be aware of factors like grind size, brew time, water temperature, and most importantly the coffee–water ratio to get the desired result.

Here’s what you will need:

  • A strainer/channi
  • Some hot water
  • Coarsely ground coffee - Moonlight (recommended)

To start brewing:

  1. Begin with 14 grams of coarsely ground coffee in your cup.
  2. Add 130 ml of boiling hot water, allowing the coffee to infuse and settle for 4 minutes.
  3. After 4 minutes, stir the brew thoroughly about 10 times to achieve a well-mixed blend.
  4. Pour the stirred brew through the channi into a serving cup, and witness the pouring of liquid deliciousness.
  5. Now, your coffee is ready to be enjoyed. Feel free to add more hot water to dilute or more milk: however you like it!

    The channi method demystifies the art of brewing, making the process quick and straightforward. Within the comfort of your home, you savor your freshly roasted coffee in under 5 minutes. This DIY coffee experience is a simple routine that anyone can follow to make that perfect cup of coffee.