About Us

Welcome to Humble Express.

Humility makes the world a better place and so does coffee. Our journey began with this thought and our shared passion for crafting unique coffee experiences which paved the way for Humble Express — a brand aiming to deliver a humble, yet extraordinary coffee experience.

It all started when a dedicated tea lover, Deepa, and a coffee enthusiast, Pankti, crossed paths. Little did we know that this serendipitous meeting would ignite the birth of Humble Express. Our shared love for beverages, coupled with an evolving curiosity about the world of coffee, became the foundation for this passion-driven endeavour.

Humble Express is inspired by you—our fellow coffee lovers, to whom we aim to deliver the best coffee, ensuring that every experience is memorable. We are deeply involved in every step of the coffee-making process—from sourcing the finest beans to plucking, drying, curing, processing, blending, roasting, grinding, and brewing. This approach ensures that every cup you brew is aromatic and flavourful.

Our mission is to simplify the coffee brewing process and make craft coffee accessible to every coffee lover's home. "Let's Coffee" is not just a mantra for us; it's an invitation to join us in this flavourful adventure.

Warmest Regards,
Pankti and Deepa
Co-Founders, Humble Express

Humble Express Specialty Coffee Founders Image Pankti Shah and Deepa Sanghani