How to make a Cold Brew: a timeless recipe

Nov 25, 2022

When the summer heat has put you off hot coffee but you still need your daily dose of caffeine, why not embrace the cool and invigorating vibes of a cold brew? 

A cold brew is the perfect way to cool you down and jazz you up. Soaked Cold brews are a blessing for summer. High on energy, they add an instant refreshing feel that you are sure to enjoy. Moreover, they are super easy to make.

The brewing method requires time to soak and filter paper or muslin cloth to make that perfect, refreshing sip.

Here’s everything that you will need:

  • 100 gms of ground coffee - Dark Island (recommended)
  • 1000 ml of cold water
  • A glass brewer
  • Filter or muslin cloth

Let’s get started with brewing:

  1. Add 100 gms of coarse coffee grounds into a jar.
  2. Pour 1000 ml of water over the coffee grounds in the jar, and let it all soak in the cool embrace of your refrigerator.
  3. Allow the coffee to sit and steep, letting the flavors develop. The ideal soak time is around 16-18 hours.
  4. Carefully remove the jar and strain the liquid into a tall glass using filter paper or muslin cloth. This ensures no sediments seep into your delightful drink.
  5. Your cold brew masterpiece is ready! Go ahead and indulge in a taste test. 

There are numerous ways to concoct your cold brew with different recipes. Adding cream is just the beginning. If you're not planning to drink it right away or have some leftover concentrate, refrigerate it for up to a week. The options are endless, and cool satisfaction is guaranteed because your summer companion has arrived!