Open Up The World Of Portable Brewing With AeroPress

Nov 25, 2022

Say hello to your coffee companion on the go – the AeroPress. This sleek and versatile brewing equipment isn't just a coffee maker; it's a constant companion for coffee lovers who crave a full-bodied cup anytime, anywhere. Your perfect travel mate, it promises simplicity and the joy of a no-fuss filter coffee.

Here’s all you need to brew a perfect cup with an AeroPress:

  • An AeroPress (obviously)
  • An AeroPress filter
  • A kettle for pouring
  • Around 15-18 grams of medium grind coffee - Unwind / Bright Star (recommended)
  • 200 ml of 90-degree Celsius hot water

The brewing ritual is pretty simple:

  • It all starts with some water and coffee:
  • Bring 200 ml of water to a boil. Weigh out 15–18 grams of coffee and grind it slightly finer than sea salt.

  • Prepare the filter:
  • Insert a paper filter into the AeroPress's detachable plastic cap. Wet the filter and cap with some hot water, then discard the rinse.

  • AeroPress, assemble!
  • It’s time to assemble the AeroPress and ensure that the entire assembly is dry to maintain a perfect seal.

  • Grounds in, timer on:
  • Place the AeroPress on the scale with the flared end up, add your ground coffee, spread it evenly, and start your timer.

  • Add water and wait:
  • Add twice the weight of water compared to your grounds (e.g., for 15 grams of coffee, add 30 ml of water at 90 degrees Celsius). Let it sit for 30 seconds.

  • Stir and fill:
  • Ensure even saturation, stir if needed, and fill the chamber with the remaining hot water. After a minute, stir the grounds 10 times to agitate.

  • Apply slow pressure:
  • Position the AeroPress atop your brew vessel and press down slowly. Your coffee is fully brewed when it begins to make a hissing sound, indicating no more water is supposed to push through.

  • The time has come:
  • Discard the puck, and your AeroPress adventure concludes with a delightful cup of coffee.

    This is just the starting point for AeroPress lovers, with endless variations waiting, like the inverted and staggered pour methods. Your AeroPress journey has begun – savor your cup of joy and get ready to explore some more!